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Health Care Excel, Inc., or HCE, is a nonprofit health care consulting company established in 1974 for the purpose of providing clinically based, objective, and independent monitoring of the quality, appropriateness, and medical necessity of health care services. Serving clients in the private sector and federal and state governments, we have a record of exceptional performance.

We provide superior consulting services to help our customers achieve measurable improvements in health care processes and outcomes through the design of customized management solutions and educational programs. HCE’s highly qualified staff and consultants are distinguished by their operational and technical expertise, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional services.

Consulting Services

  • Medical Review 
    HCE has over 35 years experience in conducting medical case review to determine if services provided were reasonable and medically necessary, were provided in the most appropriate setting, met professionally recognized standards of health care, and were appropriately billed. The company is noted for its use of varied analytical and review approaches to conduct effective quality assurance reviews, utilization reviews, and medical data analysis. Specialties include utilization review, coding review, peer review, and quality of care review.

  • Quality/Process
    Improvement HCE’s primary objective is to work with providers in various settings to improve the quality and value of health care. We work with health care providers to assess current practices, provide assistance with data collection and analysis, identify potential areas for improvement, support provider implementation of best practices, and encourage the use of available healthcare technology to support improvements in care.

  • Performance Measurement
    At HCE, we understand that effective performance measurement provides information about how well processes are working to deliver patient care in a given organization. Our staff of highly skilled professionals is adept at the development of evidence-based and meaningful performance measures, sound statistical and analytical approaches to data analysis, and the identification of performance improvement and patient safety strategies.

    HCE provides its clients with a broad range of services; all designed with the ultimate goals of reducing or containing health care costs, improving the quality of care, and creating operational efficiencies in complex systems. Our analysts and health care quality improvement specialists can help identify trends and opportunities for positive change. In addition, we offer outreach, education, utilization review, and other services that can help you convert data to action.

    Services we offer include the following:
    - Medical record abstraction
    - Data collection
    - Data analysis
    - Data validation

  • Electronic Health Record
    Selection and Implementation Medical records are an integral part of medical practice.  Transitioning from paper to an electronic health records (EHR) system, or better integrating an existing EHR system into the workflow and care practices of a provider office, can be a daunting and complex task.

    Health Care Excel can help you make the transition with confidence.  Our deep expertise means we can partner with you on critical tasks, such as

    • Determining system needs (current and future)

    • Defining a clear path for return on investment

    • Preparing a list of questions for potential vendors regarding hardware and software specifications, training, maintenance and upgrades, server support, and hidden costs

    • Maximizing the potential of the system

Our menu of services includes assisting your practice in—

    • Assessing practice readiness

    • Planning, including workflow analysis and identification of “pain points”

    • Selecting the solution that is right for you

    • Implementing the system, including a pre and post-implementation evaluation

    • Achieving meaningful use and reporting

We don’t sell systems.  We sell performance. Let our experts help you reach your goals—meaningful use is within your grasp!